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Flow-type emulsifiersifier

Flow-type emulsifiersifier

Equipment Introduction

When the simple mixing is not enough to meet the requirements, while the high shear and rotor system generated by the dispersion is too strong, the McNair is the best choice. It produces powerful macroscopic and microscopic mixing, while fully dispersing the material, eliminating the need for additional high-shear equipment to assist.
Jet-flow equipment to provide the ideal dispersion of mixed energy, easy to operate, to meet the requirements of a variety of processes. Applicable process: dissolving sugar, dissolving powder, sizing, suspending, accelerating reaction, dispersing, mixing and depolymerizing of nanometer material and light powder.

Principle of equipment

High-speed rotation of the rotor-driven flow in the diversion chamber under the action of a strong vertical liquid flow, the container began to circulate the liquid in the overall macro-mixing. On the other hand, a high-speed rotating rotor produces a certain shear turbulence necessary for microscopic mixing. These microscopically mixed liquids are dispersed to the corners of the container as the bulk stream circulates. All the liquid in the container can be thoroughly dispersed and mixed, which is completely different from the traditional blender mixing method.

Work Head Introduction:

Inclined slot dispersion emulsifying head Advantages:
1. Vertical dispersive mixing of the bulk flow
2. The flow does not produce vortices
3. The bottom of the container will not produce precipitation
4. Produce high shear, can reduce the size of particles to accelerate the reaction
5. Air infiltration is small
6. Highly efficient mixed emulsification makes preparation of suspensions easier

Device icon

* The upper limit of processing capacity in the table refers to the data measured when the medium is "water";
* If the medium viscosity or solid content is high, it is recommended with pipeline high shear dispersing emulsifier with the use;
* If high temperature, high pressure, flammable and explosive, corrosion and other special conditions, the need to provide detailed and accurate parameters;
* The data in this table are subject to change without notice, the correct parameters to provide the prevail in kind.

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