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Cream formulation emulsifying tank

Cream formulation emulsifying tank

Product usage:

This machine is suitable for cream or cream products,such as detergent,cosmetics,medicines,daily necessities etc. Especially for matrix viscosity, high solid material content of the material configuration emulsifying effect more pronounced.

Product Specification:

1, the heating method: steam or electric heating can be used to generate heat for heating the material tank, sterilization.1.Heating: steam or electric heating can be used to generate heat for heating the material tank, sterilization
2.Temperature control:Thermocouple temperature measurement, and connect with temperature controller for control and monitor,can adjust the level of material temperature.
3.Tank: mirror polished inner surface roughness Ra≤0.4um
4.Cover: manhole opening activities cover, easy to clean, both inside and outside mirror polished
5.The inner tank bottom structure: spinning into R angle, no dead space within the tank after welding polishing,drain material no retention.
6.Jacketed type: full jacket, coil, miller plate etc.
7.Insulation materials: polyurethane foam, environmental protection, good insulation properties
8.Shell surface treatment: mirror polished or matt colors or 2B 2B frosted matte processing
9.Stirring device: top center scraper stir, side propeller stir and high shear mixer,stirring shaft is connected Looper, no bolt falling external risks;
10.Emulsifying device:high shear emulsifying machine, after dispersion, shearing, emulsification, homogenization,finally get a stable ,high-quality products
11.Bracket form: tubular or suspension Lug

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