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Paste colloid mill
The colloid mill in Our factory has been applied all new technology, which has won national invention patent No. 200510123583.8, the international application patent PCT/CN2006/001481.


JM series colloidal mill product with compact design, beautiful appearance, fine sealing, stable performance, convenient operation, simple decoration, high production benefit as well as other features, it is the most ideal processing equipment for treating fine material.

Except motor and part of accessories, all of the components and parts contacting to material are made by high-intensity stainless steel, especially, the movable and static millstones are carried out strengthen treatment, so that they have fine anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion ability to make processed material without pollution.

JM series colloidal mill is mainly made up of three parts: grinding head, pedestal driving part and special motor. The movable and static millstones are the key parts of this machine, as a result, their models should be different according to the characters of processed materials.


The basic working principle of colloidal mill is shearing, grinding as well as high-speed stirring applied force, grinding is finished depending on the relative movement of tooth-form slope, one of them rotates at high speed, while the other stays still to make materials that passing between tooth-form slopes receive great shear force and friction, and to grind, emulsify, smash, homogenize and mix them under complex forces such as high-frequency shake, high-speed vortex and others at the same time, so as to achieve the effect of fine and super micro.

Main feature:

Relative to the pressure homogenizer, colloid mill is a centrifugal device, its advantages are simple structure, easy equipment maintenance, suit for higher viscosity materials and larger particles of the material. Its main drawback is also determined by its structure. First of all, as a result of centrifugal movement, the flow is not constant, corresponding to the same viscosity of the material flow rate changes. For example, the same equipment, in dealing with viscous lacquer materials and thin dairy fluid, the flow rate can be more than 10 times; followed by the surface easier to wear, and wear, the refining effect will be significantly reduced.

Ordering Information:

*The capacity in the table above is based on water test
*If the medium viscosity or consistency, it is recommended to contact service personnel.
*In the conditions of high temperature, high-pressure flammable, explosive, corrosive, must explicitly provide relevant and accurate parameters, so that we could give recommendation.
*The data in this table changed without notice, the correct parameters to provide the real subject

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