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Magnetic liquid dosing tank

Magnetic liquid dosing tank

Product overview

The series of containers for the pharmaceutical industry, concentrated / dilute with use, the tank has a mezzanine, heated, cooled, the inner surface can be electrolysis mirror polishing head (cone) were confirmed by the spinning process, in line with GMP standards. The system uses a sealed loop mode, press the clean zone grade configuration, good mixing. Tank cleaning with automatic sprinkler head, using sanitary 0.20μm respirator and other devices to ensure that the production process meets GMP quality standards, according to user requirements and design production system configuration.

Product configuration

Specifications Model: 50L-30000L
Structure: butterfly head up and down, with a jacket and insulation.
Jacket forms: standard jacket, dimple jacket, coil jacket.
Insulation materials: polyurethane foam, rock wool, perlite.
Tank material: Material is 316L and 304,
Surface treatment: the inner surface of the mechanical polishing, electrolytic polishing, the surface roughness Ra≤0.28-0.45μm; outer surface may be cast
Light, brushed matte processing.
Thickness: according to standard pressure vessel and pressure vessel standards.
Stirring form: with magnetic stirring.
Drive: the choice of DC, AC, explosion-proof.
Temperature and pressure: according to customer requirements design.
Tank Accessories: Optional motor reducer (domestic / import), quick sanitary manhole, 360 ° rotating cleaner, sterile breathing apparatus, thermometers quick, quick diaphragm pressure gauge, level gauge and said weight system. Depending on one mirror lights, speed, temperature, and level control can be done automatically according to customer requirements.

Working conditions: flammable, explosive, leak sealing requirements Condition higher occasions. Welding isolation units replace dynamic mechanical seals, the use of an external magnetic field driven by the internal magnetic stirring head, to prevent leaks, easy to clean, no dead ends, under circumstances less material can be stirred, the rotational speed frequency control.

Ⅲ. Technical parameters

Dense Liquid Mixing Tank
Liquid Medicine Pump
Dense Liquid Mixing Tank Filter
Diluted Liquid Mixing Tank
Diluted Liquid Mixing Tank Filter (Wick) Polymer Filter (Wick) Pipeline Valve Accessories
500 3 3 1000 2 1 DN20 DN20 Elbow
The filter
Pressure temperature
1000 3 3 2000 2 1 DN20 DN20
1000 3 5 2000 4 1 DN25 DN25
1000 5 7 2000 6 2 DN25 DN25
1500 5 7 3000 6 2 DN32 DN32
2000 8 8 4000 7 2 DN40 DN40
2500 10 10 5000 8 2 DN50 DN50

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