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Double agitator mixing tank

Double agitator mixing tank


place the device with three foot in machine of decelerate of level and vertical, can install tube of imports and exports, to ensure that the mixing barrel out of the air valve of circulation, do not turn off the valve when power should pay attention to the mixing slurry to rotate clockwise, do not reversal, heating section, first, heat conduction oil, then through electric socket and installation guide ground .

The use and maintenance

1. Description: before use, must use light hot water wash the receiver, then use steam sterilization, add materials(do not be too full to avoid spilling).
2. Heating methods: if have temperature device, put the thermometer in the required temperature first, then power supply source, after using, cut the power off, then close the agitator power.
3. Cleaning: processing the end, put all the remaining material in cylinder, warm water wash as soon as possible, brush off the thick paste material,then use 10 to 50 degrees Celsius alkaline to wash the inner wall, finally, use clean water to rinse. Available again, use hot water or steam to keep 3 ~ 4 minutes disinfects processing.
4. Maintenance: pay attention to the performance of the whole equipment and gear reducer, gear reducer lubricating oil shortage should immediately added oil change once half a year (40 # engine oil) and pay attention to the heat conduction oil liquid level, if the lack of heat conduction oil to immediately stop heating, otherwise, will burn out electric heating rods.When the device is not in use, be sure to use warm water wash, avoid salt corrosion, often scrub the cylinder to keep the look clean, bright interior, to achieve durable purpose.
5. After using, cut off power supply first, then add water, to protect the electric heat pipe or electric heating rod part.
Technical parameters (stirring speed, stirring method can change according to the needs of customers)

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