16-years focus on manufacturing machinery equipment

Advanced automated production equipment, sophisticated production line, filling the first-class quality. Technical experts directly involved in the production, to ensure the stability and reliability of products. Strict production procedures, effective work efficiency is the necessary foundation to win in all. Based on this, we are willing to invest a lot of money into the introduction of modern production equipment, building a modern workshop, standardize the production process, to meet the growing needs of enterprises.

Our idea of research and development
Dedicated to scientific and strict inheritance to carry forward the sustainable innovation

Our research and development has always insisted
The latest development of concern in domestic and foreign latest research achievements and related technology, to continuously improve the level of product development;
Against the concept of marketing, etc. the quick pompous behavior;
Independent innovation and social innovation combined not only pays attention to the R & D team building and training, and pay attention to maintain good cooperation with domestic and international professional organizations, authorities, institutions of higher learning, senior experts, to promote the continuous innovation of product research and development.



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