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Rotary lobe pump


 Lobe pump also called colloid pump, rotor pump and tri-lobe pump. It widely used in beer, food, dairy, beverage, chemical and pharmaceuticals industry. For the special shape of the rotor, we programmed the rotor curve by C language and input processing center, so as to ensure the key parts of the pump meet the high precision requirement.


1. The stator and rotor maintain a clearance. No friction coefficients with a long service life.
2. High efficiency, stable transportation, low failure rate, reliable sealing and low noise.
3. Easy installation, convenient cleaning and maintenance and less spare parts.
4. Continuous operation and no leakage time.
5. Transport sludge, sewage and other solid particles containing media after using special material.     
6. Product viscosity less than 1,000,000CPS, and contains 60% solid content.   
7. Transport the state of steam, liquid and solid mixing material.
8. Adopting special stainless steel, which can transport strong corrosive liquid.
9. Adjust the flow rate freely after equipping a converter. Also can be used for metering pump.   
10. Equip an insulation device and sanitary safety valve according to the requirement.
11. With strong self-priming capacity.
12. Transport media composition will not be changed.
13. Optional connection with flange, thread, clamp or mobile type.

Selection of transmission:

1. Motor + fixed ratio reducer: this transmission is simple, and the rotor speed is constant, which determines the flow non adjustable.
2. Motor + mechanical friction continuously variable transmission : the transmission speed controlled by manual adjustment. It is safe and reliable, and have a large torque, but with non automatic adjustment, more trouble, and not allowed to adjust when stop working.
3. Variable frequency motor + converter: the speed can be controlled by automatic adjustment. With high degree of automation, large torque at low speed, but the price of converter is high.

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