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Electric Heating Vacuum Dryer Machine

Electric Heating Vacuum Dryer Machine

Ⅰ.Product Introduction

Food material vacuum drying and drying the same principle of atmospheric pressure, just as in a vacuum, water evaporation’s temperature is lower than the evaporation temperature under normal pressure. The higher the degree of vacuum, the lower the evaporation temperature is, so the whole drying process can be carried out at lower temperatures.

Ⅱ.Product Features

1. Temperature of the drying process, the material is low, no overheating, water tends to evaporate and dry the product to form a porous structure, good solubility, rehydration, better color and taste.
2. Final moisture content of the dried product is low.
3. Drying time is short, fast.
When used
4. Drying vacuum machine and heating temperature range greater common good.
5.investment in equipment and the power consumption is higher than normal pressure hot air drying.
6. With a degree of vacuum line automatic adjustment function, dynamic degree of vacuum can be set within the range of 1000 ~ 5000Pa.
7. With the heating temperature of online automatic adjustment function, the heating temperature can be set in the range of 45 ~ 135 ℃.
8. The whole drying process and completely isolated from the external environment, to avoid the heat generated by a variety of possible contamination.
9. The whole drying process to achieve automatic control and reduce labor costs.

10. In line with CIP cleaning system, the equipment can be cleaned fast drying.

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