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Overview of Liquid Distribution System

Overview of Liquid Distribution System

Ⅰ.Product overview

In order to meet the new "GMP" standard, pharmaceutical industry, production automation, has been more widely used, especially pharmaceutical dosing automation and control becomes more and more urgent;-based pharmaceutical industry, production automation trend, the company developed the automated dosing control system not only do automated dosing, and the whole system to do online CIP cleaning and SIP sterilization online, configure filtering and conveying systems, complete equipment PLC control, Siemens touch screen programmable application module, man-machine friendly.

Ⅱ.Product parameters

1. Manufacturing standards: GB150-2011 "steel pressure vessel"; GB5226.1-2002 "Safety of machinery - Electrical equipment"; JB / T4735-1997 "welded steel pressure vessel"
2. Structure: vertical, head up and down, the welding head and cylinder coupled, single-layer structure; an upper anchor stirring;
3. The polishing process: polished inner surface Ra≤0.4um, the outer surface of the upper and lower head mirror polished, matt barrel;
4. Mixing device: mechanical seal, oil spill prevention equipment; reducer SEW, with frequency control
5. Optional components: manhole, cleaning ball, SCBA, integrated lights mirrors, tank bottom outlet valve, sanitary pumps, bag filters, etc.

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